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  The solution for the quick salvage and transport of damaged 200 l. drums:
leakage, rust, accident, transport of a drum without UN – approval, etc.

Thanks to the spacious inside diameter, the PASCO salvage drum can store a highly deformed 200 l. drum. The salvage drum has a 'T' approval which means that it is qualified to store damaged or leaking steel or plastic drums of liquid or solid contents.
  • Body – bottom: steel-thickness: 1,25 mm.
  • Cover: steel-thickness: 1,5 mm.with EPDM gasket.
  • Closing ring with outside lever.
  • Volume: ± 385 l. – weight: ± 35 kg.
  • Measurements: inside: Ø 700 x 1.000 mm.
  • Measurements: outside: Ø 760 x 1.040 mm.
  • Surface protection: ins.: untreated – outs.: painted red.
  • Approval: UN 1A2 T/Y350/S/**/B/PC-060003.
  • Clear print in four languages that it concerns a salvage drum with indication of the UN – number.